Special Interest Groups


Special Interest Groups


Industry Mentors

The pragmatic shift in the scientific and technical world has influenced the academic ecosystem in a broader way and is undergoing far-reaching changes in demanding time. It has redesigned our lives, priorities and the way we work.

Institutions are witnessing growing competitive pressure to enhance the research culture and PCCOE can’t afford to be exempted from this competitive edge. In recent times, the societal contribution by an institute and an individual has fueled the tendency to consider the research component as one of the paradigmatic competitive factors, to be a reputed institute in India.

The measurable parameters in terms of the number and quality of publications, number of thesis / dissertations defended, citations received, IPR, patents and research / funded projects are the key indicators of particular importance in this competitive edge. For connotative and sustainable development of PCCOE, faculty members need to work seamlessly towards enhancing an individual assessment based on the above key indicators.

Over a period of interactions it is observed that there is a lack of awareness and knowledge among the faculty and students in the context of emerging areas, state of art practices, modern computational tools, and other professional topics. There was a need to establish a platform where the PCCOE faculty members can interact with other colleagues, researchers and technocrats from institutes of repute, research organizations, and industry and share their contribution in respective research fields. One of the major objectives is to create curiosity among peers to acquire the state of art knowledge and a culture of subsequently pursuing research in the similar area with perseverance. It can be achieved through peer learning and hand holding. It encompasses a broad range of activities through which talent cultivation, scientific research and innovation can be explored.

SIG Coordination at PCCOE is an initiative to rejuvenate the special interest groups in PCCOE and bring them on one common platform for sustainable development of an individual that leads to the institute’s growth.

To establish as many Center of Excellence as special interest groups in PCCOE.
Cultivate a curiosity to learn new things.
Create effective platform to exchange knowledge and resources.
Establish joint PCCOE - industry R&D groups for stronger impact.
To develop a sustained learning and research culture among faculty and students of the Institute.
To acquire knowledge of the emerging areas of the domain and interdisciplinary areas leading to research, publications and outreach.